Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.

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NELSON’S experience with marine facilities spans more than half a century, and in addition to designing some of the largest wharves on the Mississippi River, we have worked on detailed design and feasibility studies for locations worldwide.

Our clients include both industrial and municipal entities, and the facilities have handled bulk solids, bulk liquids, gases, containerized cargo, break bulk cargo, automobile and truck traffic, rail traffic, and heavy construction equipment.

Our capabilities include the wharf structures in the water as well as the landside marshalling yards, transit sheds, conveyors, piperacks, and storage and processing facilities.
We have also worked with naval architects to design floating wharf facilities with associated cranes and conveyors.

Since wharf facilities on the lower Mississippi River are frequently in close proximity to flood control levees and state highways, we are familiar with the unique design issues this interaction with other infrastructure poses and have dealt with the numerous agencies involved in permitting such installations.

In addition to new facilities, we are experienced in designing upgrades and repairs to wharves and marine structures.

We have designed navigation locks and hurricane and flood protection installations for the Corps of Engineers, large capacity stormwater pump stations for various drainage districts, and unique installations such as directionally drilled crossings under the Mississippi River.

In summary, we are capable of handling all aspects of your marine cargo flow from the vessel side to the ultimate landside destination, including associated permitting.