Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.

Engineering is the foundation of civilization.

Oil and GasNELSON has participated in the permitting, design, construction management, and start-up of numerous facilities both offshore and onshore. The projects have included: offshore drilling and production platforms; floating production systems; offshore receiving, processing and transshipment facilities; secondary and tertiary recovery facilities; production skids; quarters buildings; onshore wellhead, gathering and treatment facilities; compressor stations; pumping stations; pipelines; and power plants.

These projects have brought us significant specific experience in the following areas:

Design of Production Facilities of Various Configurations

  • Large Multi-Platform Complexes
  • Facilities using Fixed Steel and Concrete Structures
  • Floating Production Systems (Converted Tankers, Tension Leg Platforms, Barge Mounted)
  • Subsea Tiebacks to Fixed and Floating Facilities
  • Conversion of Mobile Drilling Units to Production Service

Design of Facilities For Unusual Stream Conditions

  • Heavy Crude (down to API 11)
  • Sour Fluids (Gas Streams up to 25% H2S and 10% CO2)
  • High Pressure Wellstreams (up to 25,000 PSIG SITP)

Large Offshore Electric Generation and Cogeneration Plants

  • Large Power Plant Capacity (Experience through 40,000KW)
  • Gas Turbine Generators with Waste Heat Recovery
  • Gas and Diesel Engine Generators (Single and Dual-Fuel)
  • Steam Turbines (Topping or Bottoming Cycle)
  • High Voltage (34.5KV, 13.8KV and 4.16KV) Generation/Distribution
  • Emergency Generators/UPS Systems (Rotary and Electronic)