Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.

Engineering is the foundation of civilization.

NELSON’s management is deeply committed to providing high quality professional services to our clients.  Our focus on quality is constant and pervasive in all work performed by the Company.

The NELSON corporate policy on Quality is defined in our ISO-compliant Quality Management System (QMS) and has been developed and approved by the Company’s General Management.  This policy is taught to all new employees and is audited regularly to ensure its distribution and the ongoing overall awareness of it by our employees.  During annual Management Reviews, the Quality Policy is reviewed for continuing suitability.  This policy, as paraphrased from the QMS, is as follows:

The Quality Management System (QMS) is the collection of processes, documents, resources, and monitoring systems that direct the work of Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc. (COMPANY) to ensure product and service quality.  The QMS described in this manual applies to all employees within all functional areas of the COMPANY and shall be applicable to all projects managed by the COMPANY.

The COMPANY hallmark is a history of delivering high quality products on time and within budget.  The need for technical quality is communicated to each team member and their products are audited through the QMS.  The Corporate Vision is “To provide high quality, cost effective professional engineering and related services to our clients focusing on their requirements through a safe, healthy and profitable business atmosphere for our employees”.

NELSON prides itself on the depth and breadth of experience of our staff.  All disciplines are fully staffed with experienced and talented professionals, many of whom are licensed within their engineering disciplines to practice engineering in one or more states and in several Canadian provinces. 

To enhance the work of our professional staff, NELSON maintains a large inventory of current software tools to aid in performing the complex engineering analyses required by our projects.  These tools, ranging from process simulation packages, structural analysis tools, electrical analysis software, instrumentation  design software, 3D modeling software, etc. complement the abilities and experience of our engineers and designers and allow us to provide consistently high quality and cost effective engineering deliverables to our clients.