Waldemar S. Nelson and Company, Inc.

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Material Handling

Since its inception, NELSON has been involved in the design of materials handling systems for a wide variety of materials. These projects have included belt conveyor systems with capacities of up to 6,500 metric tons per hour conveying material weighing up to 150 pounds per cubic foot, with belt widths up to 84 inches. Typical products for which conveyor systems were designed include the following:

  • grain
  • sugar
  • coal
  • coffee beans
  • sulphur: prilled and crushed
  • phosphate rock
  • rutile (TiO2 sand)
  • forest products
  • salt
  • cement
  • calcined petroleum coke
  • alumina
  • limestone
  • copper ore

Pneumatic and air slide systems were designed for materials such as cement, magnesium oxide, and lime. The larger belt conveyors typically included facilities for loading and unloading barges, ships, rail cars, and trucks, and involved stacking and reclaiming from stockpiles as well as transport to and from silos.

We have also provided engineering services associated with many large industrial dust collection systems. The dust collection systems were designed to handle a variety of materials including coal, coke, phosphate rock, alumina, and various types of ores. The largest systems were associated with railroad car dump facilities and transfer point dust control on conveyor systems and at ship loaders.